Travel in Argentina: Visit Plaza Armenia, Buenos Aires

By M G Gray

If you visit Buenos Aires when you travel in Argentina, you’ll quickly realise that this is a city made up of many pleasant plazas. These pleasant squares are speckled around the city, and are perfect places to relax, read the paper, drink a coffee and watch the world go by.

If you head to Palermo, the coolest neighbourhood by far, you’ll realise that this area is quite different from much of the city. Things seem more peaceful, the crowds are trendier, the streets are somehow cleaner. There are a number of plazas in Palermo, and the one that is always recommended first when you travel in Argentina is Plaza Cortaza.

However, pleasant as Plaza Cortaza may be, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Plaza Armenia as well.

Plaza Armenia, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visit During the Week

Situated where the two streets Armenia and Costa Rica join together, this small and attractive square is the perfect place to visit during the week when you travel in Argentina, when all you’ll find are a few locals enjoying the peace and quiet.

If you’re a fan of people watching then this is the ideal place to stop by and engage in this favourite past time, as you can sit back and watch Argentinian daily life play out in front of you.

If you don’t fancy sitting in the plaza itself, head to one of the bars or cafes around the edges. Many of these have roof terraces from which you can sit with a beer and watch the world go by below.

Weekend Craft Market

Head to Plaza Armenia on the weekend, however, and things are quite different. This is a hotspot for residents of Palermo, and if the sun is shining you can bet that the square will crowd out as everyone has the same idea.

A busy market selling homemade arts and crafts springs up out of nowhere, the atmosphere becomes more intense, and you’ll be lucky to find a seat in any of the cafes, let alone on one of the terraces.

Explore the Area

In the near vicinity, you can also take a stroll down Armenia to enjoy some of the Armenian culture of Buenos Aires. There are a number of Armenian restaurants, so if you’ve had enough steak during your time in Buenos Aires then this could be a good antidote.

Visit Plaza Armenia

Definitely take the time to visit Plaza Armenia the next time you travel in Argentina. It’s nothing sensational, but for a good place to enjoy watching the locals in a pleasant, authentic setting then it can’t be beaten.

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