What Is Easter in Armenia?

By Gayane Beryan

Easter (in Armenian Zatik) is beloved and the most expected holiday in Armenia. Armenia has been Christian country since 301, and since then Easter has been popular and participative public holiday. Everybody in the streets, at home in friendly and family gatherings greets each other and says: “Christ has arisen”. The answer is “Blessed is the resurrection of Christ”.

Lenten fasting season lasts for 40 days before Easter. Christians, who want to fast, keep themselves away from sins and eat only vegetarian dishes. During fasting Christians attend the church and confess their sins, read Bible, keep themselves away from lasts. Towards the end of lent season a week before Palm Sunday is celebrated, when Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem. It’s a wonderfully decorated day: streets and homes are full of palm branches, people are crowned by flowers.

During lent Armenian families also put lentils or other sprouting grains on a tray covered with a thin layer of cotton, and keep it in a light place of the house until Easter when sprouts appear. These green sprouts, symbolizing spring and awakening of nature, are the “grass” on which people place colored eggs to decorate the Easter table.

Next Easter day is a day of joy and triumph against cold and darkness. Spring holiday and resurrection! Armenians have preserved the beautiful biblical lore which refers to red eggs and cheorek (sweet bread): “When Christ was crucified, his mother took some eggs and bread wrapped in the shawl. When the Mother saw her Son crucified and his arms bleeding, she knelt down and cried. The Mother’s tears and Son’s blood dropping on the shawl colored the eggs and bread. Then the Mother put the shawl on her head. Since that day people began coloring eggs red on Easter day and women began wearing shawls when visiting church.

Everywhere in Armenia in Yerevan and in every city Easter is celebrated with traditional events, dishes, songs, greetings. Especially remarkable are revels and merriments in Echmiadzin, Dilijan, Garni and in many other places. A special Easter food is provided in many restaurants, and especially in Old Dilijan Complex the food will be blessed by the priest. Another event Easter Eve in Best Western Paradise Hotel Dilijan will be styled by a pleasant live music. There will be special rates at Impuls Hotel.

The Easter atmosphere will be proliferated upon everyone. Special Easter liturgy will be held in Main Cathedral of Armenia in Ejmiatsin and in all other acting churches. Garni Pagan Temple also will join the celebrations and provide traditional Easter eggs, as presents.

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Catrina Chitjian

Cal State L.A.’s 17-year-old biochemistry major to graduate from Cal State L.A. next weekend

While many of her contemporaries are attending the prom or finishing high school next weekend, 17-year-old Catrina Chitjian—the youngest graduating senior at Cal State L.A.—will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with honors.

Chitjian, who is of Armenian-Chinese descent (her mom is Armenian and her dad is Chinese), was admitted to Cal State L.A. at the age of 12 through the University’s Early Entrance Program (EEP). She will be marching at CSULA’s Commencement on Saturday, June 11, at 8 a.m.

A Dean’s List student, she is a member of the G.E. Honors Club and CSULA’s Phi Kappa Phi chapter, the oldest, largest and most selective collegiate honor society in the U.S.

Despite her demaning academic load, which included conducting research on mechanism of life span determination in Professor Robert Vellanoweth’s chemistry lab, Chitjian is very active on campus, having served as secretary of Humanitarians on Campus, vice president of People for Animal Care and Kindness, and social chair of the Early Entrance Program Club.

“Some people are concerned when they realize that I missed the ‘high school experience,’ but I wouldn’t trade my experience at CSULA for anything,” said Chitjian.

Chitjian explained that she enjoyed being able to make her own class schedule and having guidance when needed. She said, “I love having peers closer in age and with the same interests as me. I am particularly grateful to have stopped being subjected to school-cafeteria food.”

A Monterey Park resident, she has also volunteered at the Alhambra Retirement Community and for the annual Sally Ride Festival to interest 5th-8th grade girls in the science fields.

After graduation, Chitjian plans to work part-time as a tutor while applying to graduate school to pursue a career as a synthetic chemist. For her interest in tutoring, she explained, “I’ve found that helping people learn is incredibly rewarding.”

Chitjian added, “When I consider all of the science classes I’ve taken, organic chemistry was my favorite. …I‘ve always liked creating concoctions, so I am interested in becoming [what’s most similar to] a cosmetic formulator. I want to be the person behind the scenes, pulling things from the garden, going through trial and error, with hope that people will say, ‘That’s what I used! It really helped me and I’m so glad I tried it.’”

CSULA’s EEP admits extraordinarily gifted youngsters—some as young as 11—directly into college, providing the early entrants with monitored evaluation, regular counseling sessions, and the opportunity to study with like-minded peers. Chitjian is among more than 20 other EEP graduates receiving their baccalaureate degrees this year.

8th Annual Little Armenia Beautification Project

An annual effort to clean and beautify the streets of Little Armenia, Hollywood.

On behalf of the AYF Hollywood Musa Dagh Chapter, we ask you to join us in our annual effort to clean and beautify the streets of Little Armenia, our home away from home. The AYF feels that it is the collective responsibility of the Armenians living in Los Angeles to upkeep the Little Armenia region of Hollywood. The region is home to many Diasporian Armenians and it is our duty to ensure its vitality and longevity.

With your support, we are able to make a difference and hope to see you
there this year on May 7th.

The opening and closing ceremonies will take place at Rose & Alex Pilibos Armenian School, starting at 10am and ending at 3pm.
T-shirts and food will be provided for all volunteers.

With your support every year, we are able to make a difference in our community make sure to come out this year as well!

For more info, please visit http://www.ayfwest.org/

Blake Krikorian

An Armenian-American Entrepreneur And Technology Trailblazer

About Blake Krikorian

Blake Krikorian is a co-founder and the former CEO of Sling Media, a consumer electronics company that builds the highly acclaimed Slingbox.

The company was founded in 2004. It was purchased in 2007 by Echostar Communications for $380 million dollars.

Krikorian started his career at General Magic, which created the Magic Cap operating system for mobile intelligent communicators and Telescript, an agent-based network programming language for the emerging electronic marketplace (pre-Internet). At General Magic, Krikorian assisted industry-leading telecom and consumer electronics companies such as NTT, Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, OKI and Matsushita/Panasonic in creating and defining new products and partnerships.

In 1994, Krikorian co-founded the Philips Mobile Computing Group, which was funded by Philips Electronics. As group product manager, he built and co-led the team that defined, created, delivered, and marketed the award-winning Velo 1 Windows CE Handheld PC and its associated product line.

Krikorian then left Philips Mobile Computing Group to serve as senior vice president at Metis Associates, an information technology consulting firm and incubator of core technology companies. He led the creation of Metis’ first incubated company, Mainbrace Corporation, which developed and licensed software technologies and manufacturable device platforms to system OEMs, service providers, and semiconductor vendors. Krikorian served as the company’s president for the first two years of its operation. Mainbrace was acquired by BSQUARE in 2000.

Krikorian attended UCLA, and earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

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Hungry Nomad Lunch Truck

Armenian-Lebanese Lunch Truck Serves Los Angeles

The presence of specialty lunch trucks throughout Los Angeles is palpable. And they’re no longer serving simple tacos and burgers. The new fleet of “meals-on-wheels” are serving gourmet grub with increasing popularity through the clever use of social media tools, like Twitter and Facebook. A recent new entry into this culinary landscape is the Hungry Nomad.

So what, you ask? Well, it’s the first lunch truck to serve in LA that specializes in Armenian and Lebanese cuisine. What makes this news whet our appetite even more is that this venture is from Sasoun Bakery, the pureveyors of our favorite lahmajune (Armenian pizza) in Little Armenia.

Some of the tasty items on their truck menu include lahmajune, cheese and beef beorek, fattoush and Armenian potato salad, and hummus.

Check out this video on how their lahmajune is made…

View more news videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video.

More about Hungry Nomad

Hungry Nomad is a mobile spin off of Sasoun Bakery, a family owned and operated Armenian/Lebanese bakery with 8 locations – six in the LA area and two in Lebanon. We have taken our most popular family recipes and given them an edgy and innovative twist for the road. Many ask, why Hungry Nomad? Our truck is a traveling nomad without a permanent home, migrating from one location to another with a primary focus of feeding the people. Our truck is also a representation of us and our people. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians have left their homeland and spread throughout the world, picking up hints from each country they settled in. Our original cuisine is the product of a mix of cultures and flavors that tells the story of our people.

From Ararat To Zion

The story of the Armenian presence in Holy Jerusalem from the early beginnings of Christianity

AGBU Montreal is proud to announce that Mountain Lake PBS will be broadcasting the TV Premiere of the multiple award-winning documentary From Ararat to Zion on Sunday the 20th of March 2011 at 7:00 p.m. and rebroadcast it on Sunday April the 24, 2011 at 4:00 p.m.

The colorful mosaic of Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land has been shaped over two thousand years. Pilgrims have brought their stories with them, and left their memories with the land.

Here the documentary filmmakers have given us a view of some essential passages in these stories, to reveal the precious identities which the stories preserve. They follow the paths taken by Armenian pilgrims as they travel between two focal points of history – from the Mount Ararat to Zion, from A to Z.

For the filmmakers themselves, the process of making this film became a pilgrimage they will remember throughout their lives. They personally experienced the perils of the journeys made so long ago by pilgrims who called themselves “those who witnessed death.”

The documentary communicates the spirit of pilgrimage which has nurtured and sustained the sanctuaries and monasteries of the Holy Land over the centuries. At the cost of immeasurable sacrifices and immense exertions, pilgrims have come to the Holy Shrines to witness the earthly presence of God.

The viewer sees the Holy Shrines through the pilgrims’ eyes. Though they may have been put on display many times before, these special places emerge anew in the film, revealing their otherworldly essence and life-transforming power.

The film shows such striking scenes as the Holy Sepulcher by night, the colorful spectacles of Easter in Jerusalem, the Ceremony of Holy Light, Mount Sinai in Egypt, the Monasteries of the Judean Desert, the summit of Mount Ararat

The documentary is woven together to make an impact at every level, through the exceptional narration of Aidan Quinn, the beautiful music of Lisa Gerrard, and the striking visuals and rich personal reflections.

VIZA (rock band)

Their website defines VIZA as “a passport into a musical endeavor that touches its conspirators, cultural, spiritual, and literal influences, while translating them into a perfect balance of old world nostalgia, modern experimentation and social revival.”

Our translation: damn good music!

If you haven’t already heard of the rock band VIZA, you’re in for a real treat. Comprised of a bevy of talented multi-national band members, many of whom are of Armenian descent, they bring a fresh new experience to today’s “been there, done that” rock music scene.

Don’t believe us? Check out this awesome video for their wickedly beautiful song “Breakout the Violins”, directed by Tadeh Daschi.

Now, that’s good stuff!

Wanna see and hear more? Here’s their latest release “Trans-Siberian Standoff”…

Do you believe us now?

While there’s no doubt that their music is strong enough to stand on its own, it doesn’t hurt that the band is managed by Serjical Strike, the company that’s run by System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian.