Top 10 Places to Eat in Little Armenia

Although it was an arduous task (big grin), we finally finished compiling a list of what we think are the best (Armenian) places to eat in Little Armenia of Hollywood. It took several long months of research, and an extra handle around the waistline, to put together what we believe is a very respectable list. Oh the sacrifices we make for our loyal visitors! Now, please keep in mind that we are not professional food critics. But, we love to eat as much as the next Armenian and that’s saying a lot! In fact, we have been often told “beranit hameh gides.” To translate, please find an Armenian friend. Ok, without much further adieu, we bring you The List. And, by the way, we’re not getting paid by any of these establishments in case there are any thoughts of politics involved with the selection process. The List.

Emil Kazaz – Exclusive Exhibit Video

Is the beauty of art subjective? There are countless opinions when it comes to this topic. But, whatever the popular consensus to this question, we think that there is one man whose art transcends conventional wisdom when it comes to beauty.

His name, Emil Kazaz.

Unlike any artwork we have ever seen, Emil’s subjects are robustly striking, universally (and simultaneously) appealing and appalling, and unabashedly grotesque. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. His vision of the world is vastly unique, uncompromising, and incomparable. He is an original, a master. So much so, we speak his name in the same breath as Van Gogh, Picasso, and Michelangelo.

His recent exhibit in Los Angeles reaffirmed our feelings about the man and his work. A
few dozen frighteningly charming sculptures and painfully elaborate paintings consumed the minds of the hordes in attendance. The entire gallery was abuzz with electricity, as if we were all knowingly in the presence of eternal greatness, experiencing a special feeling for art that will be, indubitably, even more celebrated and appreciated by generations to come.

Although pictures cannot do justice for his work, we have an exclusive short video of his Los Angeles exhibit we would like to share with you. We hope that this video gives you a glimpse of this man’s brilliance.

Watch Exclusive Emil Kazaz Video


Tata Live in Yerevan, Armenia

There is no question that Tata Simonyan has taken the Armenian music industry by storm. One of the most popular performers to enter the Armenian music scene, his passionate performances and lively stage presence, not to mention his great voice, have endeared him to Armenian’s the world-over.

If you’ve never seen Tata perform, here’s your chance! Watch exclusive clips from Tata’s unforgettable concert in Yerevan, Armenia, available only on! A special thank you to Parseghian Records for providing concert footage.

Watch Exclusive Clips!

Video Clip #1: Anapati Arev

Video Clip #2: Yerevani Tgherk