Armenians and Romans unite in Little Armenia

Well, sort of. As you traverse the streets of Little Armenia in Hollywood, you’ll come across many establishments serving popular Armenian dishes. One of the most popular foods is lahmajune, also known as Armenian pizza. A great place to try this baked goodness is at Sasoun Bakery on Santa Monica Boulevard and Normandie Avenue.

Sasoun Bakery (outside 1) lahmajune (Armenian pizza)

About a year ago, just a few blocks up the same street at Santa Monica and Alexandria Avenue, an authentic Italian (Napoletana, to be exact) pizzeria, DeSano Pizza, opened shop. Our recent visit really impressed us. From the outside, you’d hardly know it was a pizza joint. When you walk in, however, you see this simple industrial layout that reveals all the inner workings of a modern pizzeria; an open floor plan that let’s you see the pizza dough being made, the imported ingredients sitting against the perimeters of the seating area, and pizzaioli preparing the pies right after you order.

DeSano Pizza (outside) DeSano Pizza (inside)

They have four large brick wood-burning ovens individually named after cities in Italy along with the patron saints that watch over those cities.

DeSano pizza ovens 1 DeSano pizza ovens 2

We ordered two pies, the margherita and the desano. They were both really tasty, with a soft chewy crust, fresh toppings, and the flavors of the burn marks on the bottoms of the pizza. Yumm.

Margherita pizza DeSano pizza

Now that we’ve found Armenian pizza and Italian pizza within a few blocks of each other, our weekends will consist of eating lahmajune for lunch and strolling over for some wood baked pizzas for dinner. The empires have finally united!

Hungry Nomad Lunch Truck

Armenian-Lebanese Lunch Truck Serves Los Angeles

The presence of specialty lunch trucks throughout Los Angeles is palpable. And they’re no longer serving simple tacos and burgers. The new fleet of “meals-on-wheels” are serving gourmet grub with increasing popularity through the clever use of social media tools, like Twitter and Facebook. A recent new entry into this culinary landscape is the Hungry Nomad.

So what, you ask? Well, it’s the first lunch truck to serve in LA that specializes in Armenian and Lebanese cuisine. What makes this news whet our appetite even more is that this venture is from Sasoun Bakery, the pureveyors of our favorite lahmajune (Armenian pizza) in Little Armenia.

Some of the tasty items on their truck menu include lahmajune, cheese and beef beorek, fattoush and Armenian potato salad, and hummus.

Check out this video on how their lahmajune is made…

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More about Hungry Nomad

Hungry Nomad is a mobile spin off of Sasoun Bakery, a family owned and operated Armenian/Lebanese bakery with 8 locations – six in the LA area and two in Lebanon. We have taken our most popular family recipes and given them an edgy and innovative twist for the road. Many ask, why Hungry Nomad? Our truck is a traveling nomad without a permanent home, migrating from one location to another with a primary focus of feeding the people. Our truck is also a representation of us and our people. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians have left their homeland and spread throughout the world, picking up hints from each country they settled in. Our original cuisine is the product of a mix of cultures and flavors that tells the story of our people.